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[轉貼] WORDPRESS GOD: 300+ 工具 for WordPress

已經不知道如何介紹這篇文章的,國外的 Mashable 的介紹,真的是太多資源了 Q_Q ,用等級來評分這篇文章,只能用 GOD ,神的境界來評分 XD。(本文很長,請耐心等候。)

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WORDPRESS GOD: 300+ Tools for Running Your WordPress Blog


As one of the leading open source blogging platforms, WordPress has inspired hundreds (if not thousands) of plugins and tools to customize your blog. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of more than 300 of our favorites.

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這麼好用又多的 WordPress 資源來替 WordPress 加持,艾德相信 WordPress 還是目前最有優勢的 Blog 平台了。