Leigh Nash – Wishing For This 聖誕歌曲

Leigh Nash - Wishing For This由Sixpence None the Richer(啷噹六便士)的女主唱(Leigh Nash)所演唱的聖誕歌曲,包含了耳熟能詳的Last Christmas,真的是很好聽,還有類似百老匯的歌曲;這張專輯共有12首曲子,發行日子是2006/11/14,而英文的介紹如下:
The sugar-sweet voice behind Sixpence None the Richer megahits “Kiss Me” and “There She Goes,” Nashville’s Nash nails solo debut “Blue on Blue.” Time spent on Loretta Lynn tunes gives Nash some country-dame sass, but there’s no twang in sight: this is wide-open pop with a diviner’s feel for a hook.

Baby It’s Cold Outside (3:20)
Maybe This Christmas (2:27)
Last Christmas (3:39)
O Holy Night (4:06)
Hard CAndy Christmas (3:27)
Eternal Gifts (4:01)
Wishing For This (3:39)
Along The Wall (4:33)
Nervous In The Light Of Dawn (4:43)
Blue (3:33)
Cloud Nine (3:48)
Just A Little (4:01)

Download Music 網站提供了線上播放的功能,12首完全免費聽,真的很棒!艾德最喜歡 Last Christmas 跟 Baby It’s Cold Outside 棒極了!
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